NOKOV Optical Motion Capture System

Tracking and Positioning of Bionic Robots' Gait and Movements

Specialization in Flapping-Wing, Quadruped, and Hexapod Robots

Quadruped Robots, Pose Planning, NOKOV Motion Capture

Bionic Robot Solutions

•    Kinematic Data Acquisition of Human and Animal Movements

Comprehensive collection of 3D spatial coordinates and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) data, including joint angles for the head, torso, upper limbs (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand), and lower limbs (hip, knee, ankle, foot). This data serves as a solid foundation for precise bionic robot pose control and motion planning.

•    Motion, Gait, and Pose Planning and Control for Bionic Robots

Utilizing kinematic data as the cornerstone, NOKOV enhances a robot's motion, gait, and pose estimation and control. This enables the precise execution of movement tasks assigned by humans, aligning with predetermined motion trajectories.

•    Motion Planning and Control Verification for Bionic Robots

With the NOKOV Optical 3D Motion Capture System, researchers can gather 6DoF motion trajectories and kinematic data for bionic robots. By processing and converting this data, they can refine and optimize robot control algorithms.

Hexapod Robots, Motion Planning, Pose Control, NOKOV Motion Capture

NOKOV Optical Motion Capture System Features

•    Capturing Six Degrees of Freedom Motion Trajectories and Kinematic Data for Humans and Animals

The NOKOV system adeptly records subtle movements across a diverse range of species including horses, dogs, sheep, fish, rodents, arthropods, and even birds and insects.

•    Capturing Bionic Robots' Six Degrees of Freedom Motion Trajectories and Kinematic Data

Accurate spatial positioning and pose capture for flapping-wing robots, focusing on wing and fuselage dynamics.

This includes research into wing flapping patterns and the resultant vibrations in the fuselage and head.

The system offers extensive tracking capabilities for these robots in large spaces.

•    Sub-millimeter Data Precision
•    Versatile Capture Environments: Both Outdoor and Indoor
•    Extensive Secondary Development Interfaces

Data can be transmitted in VRPN format or through an SDK (C++ language) port, enabling communication with software platforms such as ROS, Labview, and Matlab (including Simulink) for further development.

Featured Case Studies

Gait Optimization for Quadruped Bionic Robots

Control Science College, Shandong University

The Control Science College at Shandong University has employed the NOKOV Optical 3D Motion Capture System to refine quadruped robots' gait for improved obstacle navigation.

Bionic Robots, Gait Optimization, Quadruped Bionic Robots, NOKOV Motion Capture

MARS Series Motion Capture Cameras

  • •    Meeting all-around customer needs. Resolutions ranging from 2.2 to 12 megapixels, frequencies covering from 180Hz to 340Hz comprehensively.
  • •    High precision, low latency, designed specifically for the field of scientific research, it is currently a very cost-effective optical motion capture solution.
  • •    Applicable models: Mars 2H, Mars 4H, Mars 12H
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