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NOKOV Mocap is a company focused on optical 3D motion capture systems, specializing in research, development, manufacturing, and related technical services.

NOKOV Motion Capture System, designed with proprietary intellectual property rights, provides world-leading performance in resolution, frame rate, latency, and precision.

By using high-performance infrared cameras, NOKOV can locate the position of a set of reflective markers and build 3D motion data through its analysis system. This is an ideal solution for motion capture in fields such as robotics, UAVs, virtual reality, sports biomechanics, movement analysis, gait rehabilitation, ergonomics, film animation, and game production.

The NOKOV Motion Capture System is already in use at numerous research establishments, universities, and commercial institutions, including Tsinghua University, the University of Science and Technology of China, and Alibaba.

Our goal: Making high-performance motion capture more cost-effective

Despite the increasing demand for high-precision optical motion capture systems, many small companies are still unable to afford the steep prices. At our company, we are committed to making optical motion capture technology more accessible by reducing costs, so that even small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from world-class motion capture systems and unleash their creativity.


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