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NOKOV Mocap is a company focused on optical 3D motion capture system in researching, developing, manufacturing and relative technical services. NOKOV Motion Capture System – designed with proprietary intellectual property rights – provides world-leading performance in resolution, frame rate, latency, and precision.

By using high performance infrared cameras, NOKOV is able to locate the position of a set of reflective markers and build up its 3D motion data by analysis system – an ideal solution of motion capturing in fields of robotics, UAVs, virtual reality, sports Biomechanics, Movement Analysis, gait rehabilitation, Ergonomics, film animation and game production.

NOKOV Motion Capture System is already put into use in many research establishments, universities, and commercial institutions - such as Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, Alibaba, etc.

Our goal: Making High-Performance Motion Capture More Cost-Effective

There are still many small companies cannot afford the price of a high-end optical motion capture system. We are dedicated to reducing the cost of optical motion capture systems, so that the SMEs can be able to use world-class optical motion capture system to realize more creativity.


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