Motion Tracking Kit

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Integrated Packages

High precision motion tracking for VR applications

Offer tracker for Glasses/HMD and Interactive Tracker, applicable to a variety of VR scenes

Can be integrated with Immersive room, Powerwall, CAVE and other devices

Product Features

6DoF positioning and motion tracking

Sub-millimeter precision

Delivers data in VRPN format and supplies SDK plugins for VR engines such as Unity and Unreal


Compare Cameras* If you need customized cameras, please contact us.

ModelP/NPixelsResolutionFrame RateLatencyCapture DistanceFOVOutdoorFull Spec
VRT 1312WVRT 1312W1.3MP1280x1024120FPS5.5ms6m*95°×74°n/aDownload

* Using 15mm passive marker. May increase with larger or active marker.

Applicable Scenarios
  • Immersive room/Powerwall*

    Adaptable to various display devices

    The operator wears 3D glasses in the VR scene to realize real-time human-screen interaction by displaying and operating the contents in the virtual environment through the handle.
    • Small Space
    • Medium Space
    Space Screen length up to 4m
    Applicable Kit     4-Camera Kit
    Space Screen length 4~6m
    Applicable Kit     6-Camera Kit
  • Sand table**

    Suitable for teaching and system development

    Suitable for intelligent transportation simulation, intelligent networked vehicle teaching experiment platform and other applications, simulating the real driving environment, capturing the real-time position information of vehicles in the sand table.
    • Small Space
    Space Area less than 5*5m²
    Applicable Kit     8-Camera Kit
  • CAVE

    Enhancing the immersive experience

    Enables the operator to view realistic virtual simulation content from the viewpoint of the head mounted display (HMD) while moving freely in the space.
    • Small Space
    Space Area less than 5*5㎡
    Applicable Kit     8-Camera Kit
* For longer screen or need more cameras, please reach out to us for customization
** If there’s blocks or for larger space, use more cameras to ensure the use effect

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