NOKOV Showcases Motion Capture Technology at Laval Virtual (2019)

Laval, France, 2019.3.20

NOKOV was delighted to participate in Laval Virtual 2019, the first event in Europe dedicated to immersive technologies, from March 20 to March 24, 2019 in Laval, France. We showcased our cutting-edge motion capture solutions for a variety of applications.

At Laval Virtual 2019, we demonstrated our products and technologies to more than 18,000 visitors from over 50 countries. Our MoCap systems enable realistic animations, precise tracking of movements of people or objects, and analysis of motion data, among other capabilities. They are well-suited for a range of fields, including animation, gaming, virtual reality, and robotics.

We also participated in the Virtual Reality International Conference (VRIC), which was held as part of Laval Virtual 2019. We presented our latest research and development achievements in motion capture technology and its applications. We exchanged ideas and insights with other experts and researchers from the immersive technology community.

Our CTO expressed satisfaction with our participation, stating “We are honored to be part of Laval Virtual 2019 and share our vision and achievements with the immersive technology community. We are proud that our MoCap solutions can enhance the creativity and productivity of our customers in various domains. We are always eager to take on new challenges and opportunities to apply our MoCap technology to solve real-world problems.”

We are a company that provides top-quality motion capture solutions at affordable prices. With us, customers can unlock their potential in animation, gaming, virtual reality, robotics, and beyond. For more information about our products and services please visit or contact us at

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