NOKOV Optical Motion Capture System

Acquire precise six degrees of freedom motion data of ships or underwater moving objects in hydrodynamic laboratories.

Suitable for robotic fish, underwater AUVs, submarines, vessels, oil pipelines, and cables.


Ship, Ocean, Underwater Motion Capture Solutions

•    Test scaled-down models of ships

By testing scaled models of ships and their behavior under various conditions, such as different wave types and amplitudes, wind types, and currents, predictions can be made about the actual ship's performance.

•    Measure suspended tunnel deformation accurately.
Ship Model Testing

NOKOV Optical Motion Capture System Features

•    Motion data capture of underwater moving objects

NOKOV can provide motion capture for objects such as robotic fish, underwater AUVs, submarines, vessels, oil pipelines, and cables, allowing for six degrees of freedom rigid body recognition.

•    Sub-Millimeter Data Precision
•    Extensive Secondary Development Interfaces

Data can be transmitted in VRPN format or through an SDK (C++ language) port, enabling communication with software platforms such as ROS, Labview, and Matlab (including Simulink) for further development.

Underwater Motion Capture, NOKOV Motion Capture
Featured Case Studies

Measurement of movement and deformation in an underwater suspended tunnel

Collaborated with the Ministry of Transport Tianjin Water Transport Engineering Science Research Institute.

Obtained high-precision measurement data using the NOKOV Optical 3D Motion Capture System, addressing the significant challenge of measuring tunnel movement deformation, which is crucial for maintaining stability.

Underwater Motion Capture, Tunnel Deformation Measurement, NOKOV Motion Capture

MARS Series Motion Capture Cameras

  • •    Meeting all-around customer needs. Resolutions ranging from 2.2 to 12 megapixels, frequencies covering from 180Hz to 340Hz comprehensively.
  • •    High precision, low latency, designed specifically for the field of scientific research, it is currently a very cost-effective optical motion capture solution.
  • •    Applicable models: Mars 2H, Mars 4H, Mars 12H

Mars 4H UW Motion Capture Camera

  • •    Mars 4H Underwater Motion Capture Camera
  • •    Precise underwater positioning and motion capture, usable both underwater and above water
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