High-Frequency and High-Accuracy Motion Capture

NOKOV seamlessly integrates with EMG, 3D force plates, foot pressure measurement devices, and other specialized equipment to deliver real-time kinematics and gait data.

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Gait Analysis, Neuroscience and Motor Control

•    Gait Analysis

Using the Sync Unit, NOKOV synchronizes with force plates, EMG, foot pressure measurement devices, and other advanced tools to gather precise kinematic data for walking and running applications.

•    Prevention of Sports Injuries

Capture detailed kinematic data for injury-prone movements, combine it with biomechanical and anatomical analyses to understand injury mechanisms, and develop effective preventative measures.

•    Prosthetics and Orthotics

Assess the impact of various orthopedic devices on patient rehabilitation to optimize treatment outcomes.

•    Rehabilitation Evaluation

Provide real-time, objective evaluations of patient rehabilitation efficacy.

NOKOV motion capture,Gait analysis

Sports Performance and Biomechanics

The NOKOV motion capture system is integrated with 3DMA software to measure motion and muscle activity during different types of human movements.

•    Sports Research

Pre-defined modules are available for various disciplines and studies, including Cycling, Running, Walking, Golf, Tennis, Rowing, Baseball, Jumping, Stability, Functional Assessment, Individual Joints, Full Body Free Movement... New modules can also be developed to meet specific needs.

•    Sports Equipment Design and Development

NOKOV motion capture system could be used in designing products related to human movements, such as sports shoes, sportswear, and props (racket, golf club, shovel, cane...).

NOKOV motion capture,

Ergonomics, Usability Lab, and Human Factors Engineering

NOKOV's motion capture capabilities provide submillimeter precision in position information, path shapes, and motion behavior data for research subjects. This is essential for conducting ergonomics research, including usability analysis, user experience evaluation, comfort assessment, and user behavior observation. Our system can be adapted to accommodate experimental spaces of various sizes.

NOKOV motion capture,ergonomics,usability test
Case Studies

Gait Analysis

Yueyang Hospital

In Yueyang hospital in Shanghai, a gait analysis system composed of NOKOV motion capture, force plate and EMGwas used to collect the user’s movement and other kinematic data during walking.

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Technical Analysis of Football

Guangzhou Sport University

In a space of 8m×8m, 8 Motion capture cameras were used to capture the standard kicking Motion of football players. The coordinates were imported into Maya and Motion Builder to produce football teaching animation

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Mars series mocap cameras Mars series mocap cameras

Mars Series Mocap Cameras

The Mars 2H, Mars 4H, and Mars 12H models offer a wide range of frequencies, from 180Hz to 380Hz, and resolutions, from 2.2 million to 12 million pixels, making them suitable for a variety of film and television animation needs.

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