High Frequency and High Accuracy Motion Capture

NOKOV can integrate with EMG, 3D force plate, foot pressure measuring instrument and other equipment, output kinematics and gait data in real-time

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Gait Analysis, Neuroscience and Motor Control

•    Gait Analysis

NOKOV cansynchronize with force plate, EMG, foot pressure measuring instrument and other equipment, and collect kinematics data such as walking and running

•    Prevention of sports injury

Capture the kinematic data of some action which leads to injury easily, combine with the analysis of mechanics and anatomy, clarify the mechanism of injury, and put forward effective protection methods.

•    Prosthetics and Orthotics

Evaluate the effects of different orthopedic appliances on the rehabilitation of patients.

•    Rehabilitation evaluation

Provide the real-time and objective evaluation of rehabilitation efficacy of patients.

NOKOV motion capture,Gait analysis

Sports Performance and Biomechanics

•    Sports Equipment Design and Development

NOKOV can be used to obtain data analysis of specific movements when the test equipment is worn by the subjects.

•    Research and Diagnosis

NOKOV motion capture can realize accurate capture and data analysis of subtle movements, and compare the kinematics, biomechanical features and movement rationality of technical movements, etc., so as to help coaches analyze and correct athletes' movements scientifically and quantitatively.

Ergonomics,Usability Lab, Human Factor Engineering

NOKOV motion capture can collect submillimeter accurate position information, path shape and motion behavior data of the research object for further ergonomics research such as usability analysis, user experience analysis, comfort analysis, user behavior observation, etc., and adapt to experimental space of different sizes.

NOKOV motion capture,ergonomics,usability test,
Case Studies

Gait Analysis

Yueyang Hospital

In Yueyang hospital in Shanghai, a gait analysis system composed of NOKOV motion capture, force plate and EMGwas used to collect the user’s movement and other kinematic data during walking.

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Technical Analysis of Football

Guangzhou Sport University

In a space of 8m×8m, 8 Motion capture cameras were used to capture the standard kicking Motion of football players. The coordinates were imported into Maya and Motion Builder to produce football teaching animation

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Mars series mocap cameras Mars series mocap cameras

Mars Series Mocap Cameras

Mars 2H, Mars 4H and Mars 12H, frequency from 180Hz-380Hz, resolution of 2.2 million pixels to 12 million pixels, to meet the needs of various applications in the field of film and television animation.

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