NOKOV Motion Capture

Providing High Precision 6DoF Tracking in Real-Time

NOKOV specializes in high-precision real-time indoor and outdoor positioning and motion tracking solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology is perfect for tracking fast-moving UAVs, robots, localizing tools, and analyzing the movements of humans and animals. The collected data can be transmitted in VRPN format, or integrated with software such as ROS, LabVIEW, MATLAB, and Simulink via our SDK. Our system supports programming languages like C++ and platforms like Linux, ensuring seamless compatibility with various applications.

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Cooperative Control

NOKOV delivers 3D XYZ coordinates, 6DoF data, Yaw, Roll, Pitch, Euler angles, and more, establishing a solid foundation for UAV posture control and motion planning. By utilizing NOKOV's submillimeter-accurate 3D position coordinates, formation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, tracking, and cooperative control of UAVs can be achieved.

Achieve advanced formation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, following, and cooperative control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) using NOKOV's cutting-edge optical motion capture system. Our technology provides 3D position coordinates with sub-millimeter accuracy, enabling seamless and reliable UAV operations. Trust NOKOV to empower your UAV projects with unparalleled precision and performance.

UAVs cooperated in formation to form graphic numbers “1”by motion capture

For Robotics

  • •     NOKOV's motion capture technology offers spatial XYZ coordinates for both human bodies and robots, collecting joint angle data such as 6DoF, head and trunk, upper limbs (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand), and lower limbs (hip, knee, ankle, foot).
  • •     NOKOV's motion capture systems seamlessly integrate with a wide range of biomechanical research equipment, including force plates and electromyography (EMG) devices. This powerful synergy empowers researchers to conduct in-depth, comprehensive analyses across multiple domains.
a Hexapod Robot

3D Dynamic Measurement

NOKOV provides real-time 3D position information, displacement, velocity, acceleration, and other essential data, making it suitable for applications like vibration testing, durability testing, stiffness testing, load testing, and more.

Compared to measurement tools like laser displacement meters and accelerometers, NOKOV's motion capture system offers a non-contact solution with enhanced accuracy down to the submillimeter level.

a robotic arm

Ship Building, Underwater, Marine Applications

NOKOV's motion capture technology can record motion data for underwater moving objects, including robotic fish, underwater AUVs, submarines, ships, oil pipelines, cables, and more.

By evaluating a scaled-down model of a ship under various conditions, such as diverse wave patterns and amplitudes, varying wind conditions, and currents, the actual ship's performance can be accurately forecasted.

a boat in the tank
Mars series mocap cameras Mars series mocap cameras

Mars Series Mocap Cameras

The Mars 2H, Mars 4H, and Mars 12H models offer a wide range of frequencies, from 180Hz to 380Hz, and resolutions, from 2.2 million to 12 million pixels, making them suitable for a variety of film and television animation needs.

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