NOKOV Motion Capture System

Affordable, Low-Latency, and High-Accuracy Tracking for Immersive Experiences

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NOKOV Motion and PositionTracking System Features

•    Comprehensive product range offers tailored solutions for diverse applications

•    Delivers data in VRPN format and supplies SDK plugins for VR engines such as Unity and Unreal

•    Sub-millimeter precision

•    Minimum 2.8ms latency

A person using NOKOV's VR products

Traceable Target (Customizable)

  • Controllers


  • HDM/3D Glasses

    HMD/3D Glasses

  • Human tracking module

    Tracking module

  • gun peripheral

    Gun Peripheral

Mars series mocap cameras Mars series mocap cameras

Mars Series Mocap Cameras

The Mars 2H, Mars 4H, and Mars 12H models offer a wide range of frequencies, from 180Hz to 380Hz, and resolutions, from 2.2 million to 12 million pixels, making them suitable for a variety of film and television animation needs.

Pluto series mocap cameras Pluto series mocap cameras

Pluto Series Mocap Cameras

Exceptional precision in positioning and tracking, ideal for consistent speed (≤5m/s) and millimeter-level environments.


VRT Mocap Kit

Specialized motion capture cameras with HMD and interactive handle kits, providing an integrated solution for a variety of applications in the virtual reality field.

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