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Experience unparalleled precision for a variety of underwater motion capture and tracking applications

underwater motion capture cameras
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Accurate Positioning

•    Obtain precise six degrees of freedom position and direction by placing a lightweight wireless marker on the captured object, with submillimeter accuracy.

•    The NOKOV underwater cameras is suitable for a variety of applications, including ship design, naval research, fisheries, and sports science.

NOKOV Service Advantages

  • 100

    100+ days free trial

  • 7·24

    7×24 hours

    technical support

  • 15·8·9

    15m×8m×9m super large

    Demostration space

  • 30

    Supply within 30 days

Compare Specs

Model No. of Pixels Frame Rate Latency
Mars4H UW 2048×2048 180Hz 5.2ms
Model Mars4H UW
No. of Pixels 2048×2048
Frame Rate 180Hz
Latency 5.2ms

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