Mars Series

Motion Capture Cameras

Scientific products focus on core performance in motion capture

World-Class Performance

With a maximum resolution of 26 MP and a maximum frequency of 380 FPS, the Mars Series motion capture cameras provide scientific-grade motion capture.

Same Price, Higher Performance

NOKOV delivers exceptional value compared to other optical motion capture systems on the market.Double your camera count within the same budget for increased precision and accuracy.

In Stock

Usually dispatched within 72 hours.

Real-time Capture, Easy Transmission

NOKOV Motion Capture System can deliver high performance of real-time motion capture. A variety of SDK and VRPN tools have been developed for data transmission.

External sync in/out, Genlock, and Time Code

With the Sync Unit, NOKOV Motion Capture System can be synchronized to dozens of sources, including Genlock signals from professional cameras, recordings and other event triggers can be managed via common inputs and software commands.

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ModelP/NPixelsResolutionFrame RateLatency3D AccuracyMax DistanceFOVOutdoorFull Spec
Mars1.3HMars1.3H1.3MP1280x1024240FPS4.0ms± 0.2mm11m*56°×46°OptionalDownload
Mars1.3HW1.3MP1280x1024240FPS4.0ms± 0.3mm6m*95°×74°Optional
Mars2HMars2H2.2MP2048x1088380FPS2.4ms± 0.15mm21m*70°×40°OptionalDownload
Mars2HW2.2MP2048x1088380FPS2.4ms± 0.25mm15m*104°×55°Optional
Mars4HMars4H4MP2048x2048180FPS5.2ms± 0.1mm32m*52°×52°OptionalDownload
Mars4HW4MP2048x2048180FPS5.2ms± 0.25mm20m*90°×90°Optional
Mars9HMars9H9MP4250x2160300FPS3.0ms± 0.05mm28m*68°×37°OptionalDownload
Mars12HMars12H12MP4096x3072300FPS3.0ms± 0.08mm40m*67°×52°OptionalDownload
Mars18HMars18H18MP4508x4096139FPS5.0ms± 0.04mm28m*52°×47°OptionalDownload
Mars18HW18MP4508x4096139FPS5.0ms± 0.15mm18m*90°×82°Optional
Mars26HMars26H26MP5120x5120150FPS4.0ms± 0.03mm30m*56°×56°OptionalDownload
Mars26HW26MP5120x5120150FPS4.0ms± 0.1mm20m*105°×105°Optional

* Using 15mm passive marker. May increase with larger or active marker.

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    15m×8m×9m super large

    Demostration space

  • 30

    Supply within 30 days

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