Pluto Series

Motion Capture Cameras

For entry-level developersandconsumer product integrators

Pluto Series Motion capture cameras

Provide a variety of tracker, to achieve a variety of capture

Provides a variety of different types of tracker, from the joints of the body to external props or various helmets, glasses can be fitted.

High precision positioning and tracking

•    Suitable for constant speed (≤5m/s) and millimeter environment

•    High precision positioning and tracking

•    Millimeter Accuracy

Mini shape, easy to carry

Small size, light weight, easy to carry, to the exhibition and other on-site display

NOKOV Service Advantages

  • 7·24

    7×24 hours

    technical support

  • 30

    Supply within 30 days

Compare Cameras* Two models of cameras are available


No. of Pixels

Frame Rate

3D AccuracyExtensibility
Data Sheet
Pluto 1.3C1.3 MP120FPS56°×46°+/- 1mmScalable to 100 cameras systemDownload
Pluto 1.3CW1.3 MP120FPS95°×74°+/- 1.5mmScalable to 100 cameras systemDownload

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