Seamless Motion Mastery

Experience effortless, precise motion tracking with our all-in-one motion capture solution

XINGYING 3.2: The Latest Release

Elevate your work with NOKOV's newest Xingying 3.2 software, where precision meets efficiency.

  • •    Precision Engineered: Exceptional tracking with sub-millimeter 6DoF data, and comperhensive postures.
  • •    Rich Insights: Dive deeper into motion analysis with extensive data on human gestures and mechanical dynamics.
  • •    Industry Versatility: Suited for robotics, bionics, life sciences, virtual simulations, and entertainment, Xingying 3.2 amplifies motion capture across fields.

Enhanced Features for Rigid Body Capture

•    Automatically recognizes multiple rigid bodies and creates Markersets with a single click.

•    Displays real-time Rigid Body status on the intelligent agent's dashboard.

•    Maintains stable capture even with partial occlusion.

Extensive Data Streaming Support

•    Offers customized SDKs for streaming data to C#, Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB, and other programming languages, accelerating algorithm development.

•    Provides plug-ins for seamless integration with Unity, Unreal, Maya, iClone, and other applications, enabling immersive virtual reality, film, and animation content creation.

•    Supports VRPN, OpenVR, and other data transmission protocols for effortless access to diverse platforms.

•    Ensures compatibility with all major operating systems, simplifying integration.

•    Enables data interoperability with virtual simulation software such as DELMIA and CATIA, advancing the field of ergonomic applications.

Robust Human Body Capture Performance

•    Captures up to 44 individuals simultaneously with clarity and stability.

•    Maintains stable recognition and capture of human body models even under partial occlusion.

•    Effortlessly streams data to a variety of software for creating diverse virtual reality content.

Multi-Source (Multi-Modal) Data Synchronization and Management

•    Integrates seamlessly with force plates, EEG, EMG, and other devices.

•    Enables multi-source data management, integration, and synchronization.

•    Ideal for human motion analysis laboratories, exoskeleton robots, human kinematics analysis, and ergonomics research.

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Enhanced Workflow with Reference Video

•    Connect an external camera to capture real-world images as reference videos.

•    Synchronize reference video within the XINGYING interface.

•    Create and drive Markersets in the reference video synchronously.

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