Seamless Motion Mastery

Experience effortless, precise motion tracking with our all-in-one motion capture solution

Easy to use

•    Powerful rigid body solution, featuring advanced point cloud and rigid body computing capacity, delivers high precision six degrees of freedom data

•    Supports system calibration, adjustments, data acquisition, and export operations

•    Supports long-time continuous data acquisition, utilizing FPGA modules for fast edge calculation data processing

•    Supports real-time processing, allowing the creation of custom data analysis modes and user-defined models

•    Provides real-time SDK for importing data into Matlab, C++, Linux, Simulink, etc., suitable for various real-time control systems requiring instant position and attitude data

•    Offers a variety of plug-ins, such as Motion Builder, Maya, Unity, Unreal, and more

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    Share your concerns with us, and we will promptly guide you towards the most effective solution.

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