Interpretation of Underwater Motion Capture Camera Parameters

The Mars4H UW is an optical motion capture camera specifically designed for underwater environments, offering the same motion capture quality underwater as it does on land.

Adaptation to Underwater Operations

Waterproof:The camera housing uses the Mars4H UW optical motion capture camera, which has passed pressure testing at 100 meters depth, along with specially made reflective markers for underwater environments.

Corrosion-resistant, Not Affected by Magnetic Fields:Motion capture cameras utilize a multi-lens scheme with a distributed layout to effectively plan the motion capture area, increasing relative density to improve accuracy.

Temperature Adaptability:The complete motion capture system can operate normally within a temperature range of 0°C to 30°C.

Robust Positioning Capabilities

Resolution:Camera Resolution 2048x2048: This specifies that the clarity of the motion capture camera is four megapixels.

Frequency:The update frequency is no less than 180Hz, and the extremely high capture frequency ensures that there is enough redundant data, which is of great help for automatic calculations and ensures the accuracy of capture.

FPGA Module for Fast Processing Speed:The image information captured by the camera is processed by an FPGA before being transmitted to the computer, with a processing speed of up to 60 frames per second. Traditional methods involve transferring image data to the computer for processing, which is limited by the data transmission and processing capabilities.

Powerful Software Capabilities:NOKOV has independently developed a motion capture software capable of long-duration data acquisition and export. It provides a variety of development tools and compatible plugins for high customization. The analysis and processing software allows for direct data repair and editing post-capture, offering a wide array of solvable methods. The editing operations are straightforward, highly controllable, and can generate virtual points through customization.

Diverse Solutions:There are mature solutions for various types of venues. In cases where the area is large and camera distances are long, custom high-power active markers are used. By increasing the emission power of active markers to over 15 watts, it is possible to ensure observation distances greater than 20 meters.

Ultra-Wide Range, High-Precision Capture:Similarly, this can capture the state and trajectory of insects' wingbeats during flight; the challenge lies in affixing markers to the tiny wings and bodies of the insects.

Acquisition of Various Data Information

The target object's precise location and orientation, among other 3D data, can be obtained through further processing and computation using professional analysis software, which includes::

Real-time high-precision 3D spatial coordinates of each reflective marker;;

Real-time determination of the positions of multiple floating or submerged bodies;

Motion Trajectory of Target Object

Six degrees of freedom motion (swaying, heaving, surging, rolling, pitching, yawing, as well as kinematic information such as velocity and acceleration);

NOKOV offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) in different programming languages (C++, Python, C#), and motion capture data can be directly transmitted to Matlab/Simulink. Additionally, VRPN can be used for communication with ROS (Robot Operating System).

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