Motion Capture System
  • Calibration failed many times?

    First confirm whether the configuration file is loaded, and then confirm whether the calibrated T-bar length is set correctly. If these two steps are confirmed to have been completed correctly, further verify that the clutter in the calibration scene has been removed.

  • How to create a coordinate system?

    The coordinate system is created at the time of calibration. The later geodetic coordinate system cannot be changed at will.

  • There are many clutter in the field after calibration.

    The first kind of circumstance may be not completely when T rod calibration in removing impurity, calibration just happens to pass under critical conditions,this results in the presence of clutter in the calibration process, so in the later data collection, there will be clutter, another is the instrument in the field are reflective, it may be moved out of the field when calibrate, and take it in after completed.

  • Why is the earth in the software vertical?

    Because in the previous setup file, the position of the coordinate axis was set as Z axis or Y axis up, now if you change the position of the coordinate axis, the geodetic coordinate system will change accordingly. You just need to re-calibrate.

  • How to import data in motion capture software into Matlab?

    Via the SDK.

Virtual Reality
  • How can data from motion capture software be imported into software such as CATIA and DELMIA?

    Transmitted via the SDK.

Movement Sciences
  • How to measure a specific joint Angle without the Helen Hayes model?

    First, confirm how to define the joints to be measured and determine the measurement points, which are generally bone marks. Then, arrange markers on the measurement points. Name the markers and line after processing, then use an Analysis tool to measure the angle formed by the connection between markers ,so we can calculate and export the data.

  • If you want to integrate the force station and the motion capture cameras, how to connect them?

    On the hardware, first install the motion capture system, then find the main cameras and connect A synchronization line from the main cameras to the NI data acquisition card. Then connect the analog signal line of the force measuring platform to the NI data acquisition card. After setting the parameters of the force measuring platform in the software, it can be used synchronously.

  • How is the data from Motion capture software transferred to Maya, Motion Builder and other animation software?

    Transfer by SDK, the motion capture software sends the SDK at one frequency and the animation software receives it at the same frequency.

  • How to choose a motion capture system according to my own needs?

    You can contact us by email (info@nokov.cn) or by leaving a message. We will contact you as soon as we receive the message and make corresponding solutions according to your needs.

  • How to become a dealer or agent?

    You can contact us by phone (010-64922321), email (info@nokov.cn) or by leaving a message. We will send you the agent's manual and give you a detailed introduction.

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