What is motion capture
What is motion capture
  • What is an optical 3D motion capture system?

    Optical Motion capture system is a positioning system, which captures the spatial position (3D coordinate) of the measured object to obtain kinematic data such as velocity and acceleration related to it. Optical 3D motion capture system consists of several parts. The core of optical motion capture system is the motion capture cameras, a set of system usually consists of multiple cameras which can get data of these points by capture markers attached to the surface of object to be tested. These data can transmit to the POE switch through network cable, and POE switches transfer data to computers through the network cable powers the lens. Finally, the software in computer can catch the precise 3D coordinates by algorithm processing.

  • What can I do with the motion capture system?

    Compared with other motion capture systems, optical motion capture system has the characteristics of high precision, good real-time performance and strong stability. It can be widely used in Robots, UAV movement science, virtual reality, entertainment, ergonomics, and other application fields. You can learn more about the role of optical motion capture systems in different applications through the pages of our application fields.

  • What is the difference between NOKOV motion capture system and other motion capture systems?

    NOKOV motion capture system is independently developed and produced by NOKOV Science & Technology. It may be the world's most cost-effective optical three-dimensional motion capture system.NOKOV has adopted the latest design concept for product design and is committed to improving the ease of use of the product.

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