International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019)

Las Vegas, USA, 2019.1.8

We are thrilled to have showcased our state-of-the-art motion capture solutions at CES 2019, the most influential tech event in the world, held in Las Vegas, USA from January 6 to January 12, 2019. NOKOV's MoCap systems are cutting-edge, enabling the creation of realistic animations, precise tracking of people or objects, and detailed motion data analysis, among other advanced features. These systems are ideal for various applications in fields such as animation, gaming, virtual reality, robotics, and more.

At CES 2019, NOKOV unveiled our latest products and technologies, along with successful projects and collaborations with customers from different sectors and industries. We worked with a gaming company to create captivating VR experiences using our optical MoCap system, and helped a medical institution monitor patients' movements with our wearable MoCap system. We also supported a fashion brand in displaying their products in a unique way using our wireless MoCap system.

Our participation at CES 2019 provided us with the perfect opportunity to share our vision and achievements with the tech community. Our CEO stated, "We are thrilled to have participated in CES 2023 and demonstrate how our MoCap solutions can enhance creativity and productivity across various domains. NOKOV constantly seeks new challenges and opportunities to apply our MoCap technology to solve real-world problems."

As a company that provides high-quality motion capture solutions at affordable prices, our mission is to empower our customers to unleash their potential in animation, gaming, virtual reality, robotics, and beyond. For more information on our innovative products and services, please visit our website or get in touch with us via email or phone.

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