How far is intelligent robot manufacturing? Digital twins Simulate the future of industrial metaverse

Online, 19:00PM UTC +8, 07 Mar 2023

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Digital Twin is a digital counterpart of a physical entity, with core elements of physical model, virtual model, data, connection and service. Digital Twin serves as a key approach to achieve bidirectional mapping, dynamic interaction and real-time connection between the virtual and the physical world. It provides a new and effective means to observe, understand, control and transform the physical world. Mature Digital Twin scenarios can help customers foresee the final outcome with lower cost and avoid greater loss.

Digital Twin Smart Manufacturing Training System

Because it can help physical assets from virtual to real, digital twin is one of the key technologies for optimizing the manufacturing value chain and innovative products in the industrial metaverse and robot intelligent manufacturing. In complex and dangerous scenarios, operation and maintenance, production, etc., it also ensures the safety of technicians and reduces the operating costs of enterprises.

Multi-mode Robot Control

Just imagine: engineers can operate without going to the site in person, remotely program and simulate tests with robots in virtual scenes, and even go deep inside the equipment to observe the operation of the equipment. Digital twin technology can be extended to scenarios such as debugging, maintenance, and quality inspection of various automation equipment, which greatly improves the safety and efficiency of operation and maintenance.

Mixed reality assisted robot control

In the digital economy era, the metaverse is perfectly integrated with digital twins and intelligent technologies. It shows great potential in simulation, predictive maintenance, automated operation and other aspects. Dr. Pai Zheng of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has made a breakthrough by integrating augmented reality and digital twin technologies, pushing human-machine collaboration research to industrial applications.

Invited by NOKOV, Dr. Pai Zheng will conduct a live broadcast on March 7th, explaining the research results of digital twin, human-machine collaboration and other popular industrial technology applications.


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