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Human-Robot Synergy: Humanized Gait for Exoskeleton Robots

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Exoskeleton Robots

Bioelectromechanical Integrated Wearable Robots

Southern University of Science and Technology's Robotics Research Institute

Led by Professor Chenglong Fu, Southern University of Science and Technology has harmonized the NOKOV Optical 3D Motion Capture System with a 3D force measurement platform, surface electromyography, and plantar pressure measurement devices. This integration captures human motion with six degrees of freedom (6DoF), providing essential gait analysis and kinematic parameters. These findings are crucial for motion and pose planning, effectively addressing compatibility challenges.

Exoskeleton Robot Solutions

•    Acquisition of Human Kinematic Data

We collect comprehensive three-dimensional XYZ coordinates and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) data, covering head, trunk, and limb joint angles. This data provides a seamless and precise foundation for robot pose control and motion planning.

•    Movement, Gait, and Pose Planning for Exoskeleton Robots

Using the collected human kinematic data, NOKOV facilitates precise motion estimation and control for robots. Our system ensures optimal gait and pose planning, guaranteeing that robots execute movements as intended for human-directed tasks.

•    Validation of Motion Planning and Control for Exoskeleton Robots

Researchers can employ the NOKOV Optical 3D Motion Capture System to gather human motion trajectories and kinematic parameters with six degrees of freedom (6DoF). Through data processing and conversion, we enable accurate robot motion, gait, and pose planning and control.

Exoskeleton Robots

NOKOV Optical Motion Capture System Features

•    Precise Human and Robot Motion Trajectories

NOKOV's capture of human kinematic data lays the foundation for accurate exoskeleton robot pose control and motion planning. This data also serves as a benchmark for validating control algorithms.

•    Sub-Millimeter Data Precision
•    Seamless Integration with Biomechanical Devices

NOKOV operates in conjunction with devices like surface electromyography, 3D force-measuring platforms, and plantar pressure measurement devices to deliver kinematic and gait data in real-time.

•    Extensive Secondary Development Interfaces

Data can be transmitted in VRPN format or through an SDK (C++ language) port, enabling communication with software platforms such as ROS, Labview, and Matlab (including Simulink) for further development.

Featured Case Studies

Advancements in Robotic Assistance Systems/Synergy Robots

Southern University of Science and Technology

At the Southern University of Science and Technology, researchers have created a robotic power thigh prosthesis with integrated ankle and knee joints. This prosthesis is designed to lessen the metabolic strain for individuals with disabilities during complex tasks like walking, carrying loads, climbing stairs, and standing. Throughout the research, the NOKOV 3D Motion Capture System supplied vital joint angle data, including measurements for the hip, knee, and ankle.

Gait Analysis, NOKOV Motion Capture

MARS Series Motion Capture Cameras

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