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Application of motion capture system in quadruped robot development
Changsha Higher Education Expo site
Motion capture, quadruped robot, joint angle measurement, gait analysis and optimization
Quadruped robot
16 Mars 4H motion capture cameras

At the 2020 Changsha Higher Education Expo in Hunan Province, NOKOV motion capture and Hangzhou Yun Shenchu jointly displayed the bionic quadruped robot dance performance. When the quadruped robot dances, the NOKOV optical motion capture system is used to capture the three-dimensional coordinate positions of the landmark points pasted on the quadruped robot, capture the movements of the robot trunk and joints, and display them synchronously on the screen.

In addition to displaying the motion of quadruped robot synchronously, NOKOV (Metric) optical motion capture system can also output the position data of each node in the process of walking and dancing, as well as the angle and angular velocity of each joint of forelimb and hind limb, and the data accuracy can reach sub-millimeter level.

In the development process of quadruped robot, gait, as the most important research content of quadruped robot, represents the law of coordinated operation of each leg, which can be used to describe and determine the speed, direction, duty ratio, reliability and maneuverability of the robot, and is very important to ensure the stable operation of the walking mechanism system.

Using the data collected by NOKOV 3D motion capture system and the sensor information of the robot, the gait analysis and planning are carried out online, and then the planned gait is transmitted to the robot control system, which controls the servo motor to drive the robot to move and correct the posture in real time.

A quadruped robot developed by Shandong University has strong adaptability and obstacle-surmounting performance to unstructured environment. The robot has three degrees of freedom on one leg, a powerful sensor is installed at the foot end, and an external NOKOV optical motion capture system is provided, which has the ability of environmental perception. The robot realizes online gait planning by fusing and analyzing the information of each sensor, and then sends the planned gait information to the airborne computer, which controls its movement. Shandong University's quadruped robot can realize environment perception and real-time gait planning on complex stone pile structure, and finally achieve the effect of stable walking and obstacle crossing.

In addition, in order to improve the efficiency and passing performance of mechanical walking, the correlation analysis method can be used, taking animals with excellent stable displacement ability, such as sheepdogs, goats and cheetahs, as prototypes, to analyze the cooperative relationship between the joints of animals, and to apply their motion mechanism and behavior patterns to the research of biped robot walking. By using NOKOV motion capture technology, the markers at key positions of animals are captured, and the three-dimensional spatial coordinates of the markers are obtained. After processing, the parameters of animal limb movements are obtained, including step frequency, stride, pace, step length, step width, support period, swing period, joint angle and angular velocity, etc. These parameters are used to study the kinematic characteristics of animals, such as the time sequence rules under different gaits and the changes of joint displacement and joint angle movement of animals.

A dog with a motion capture marker

In addition to Shandong University, NOKOV also participated in the research and development of quadruped robots in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tianjin University and other universities.

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