Case Studies
Horse Motion Capture in Game Development
25M × 25M × 4.5M
MoCap, Game Development, 3D Animation
Horse Movements
56 × Mars 4H Mocap Camera

It has always been difficult to capture the horse's movements. First, the bones and muscles in the horse movement are rich in varying, from the limbs, torso, neck, buttocks, and tails have complex movement laws, which requires the adhesive position of the markers needs to be customized according to the horse. Secondly, the horse's sweat glands are developed, and the sweat of the whole body after hot weather or a lot of exercise will make the glue lose its viscosity, resulting in the deviation of the markers position.

Our customer use the NOKOV optical motion capture cameras to collect the position information of the markers when the horse moves in real time, and then process it through the MoCap system to transmit the motion data to 3D software such as Unity or Motion Builder for game development.

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