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Research on Human Movement Recognition
Jilin Radio and TV University
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Motion Capture, Activity Recognition, Pose Estimation
Human Movement
8 × Mars 1.3H Mocap Camera

Human movement has flexibility and diversity that no machine can achieve. The analysis and recognition technology of human movement has become a new research direction in the field of artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. In medical rehabilitation engineering, motion sensing games, film and television, virtual reality, kinematic analysis and other fields, human movement analysis and recognition technology has been widely used and generated great value.

motion capture laboratory of Jilin Radio and TV University

Jilin Radio and TV University used NOKOV motion capture system in its research on students' behaviors and movements in class. With the help of optical mocap cameras, the coordinates of marker in 3d space are obtained, and these markers are attached to the positions of key nodes of human body, such as wrist, forearm, elbow, big arm, head, etc., so as to reconstruct the 3D motion model of human body. The actions of students in class can be summarized as: static, raise hands, sideways, stand up, turn head and other actions. Each action corresponds to its own characteristic value of space posture, such as horizontal acceleration, vertical acceleration, trunk flexion angle, joint angle and so on.

student motion and posture data collected by motion capture system

In this study, NOKOV motion capture system was used to collect a large number of characteristic data, and the students' actions in class were inverse according to the characteristic values. The data collected by motion capture software will be sent to the compiled program in real time, and the program will recognize the changes of these characteristic values, and then judge the current action, and make corresponding prompts. For example, when a student raises his hand in class, the NOKOV motion capture system accurately captures this action and sends its characteristics to the program. The program detects the change of characteristic value, determines that the student raises his hand, and reminds the teacher that the student raises his hand through lighting or other ways.

motion capture camera in the laboratory

Analysis and recognition of human movement is a complex project, it creates a new way of interaction, through postures, gestures and other actions to interact, in order to achieve seamless communication and free interaction between people and the environment. NOKOV motion capture system has high capture accuracy and can truly record the movement data of key parts of the human body, providing a reliable solution for human movement recognition.

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