Case Studies
Research on positioning of six rotor UAV
Northwestern Polytechnical university
six rotors
8 Mars 2H motion capture cameras

With the development of industry and technology, the use of drones has become more and more important in all walks of life, not only for the flight of drones to deliver food, but also for the autonomous inspection of intelligent drones. In this process, the UAV flight position becomes the top priority.

Northwest Polytechnical University UAV special technology defense science and technology key laboratory (later said: northwest industrial UAV laboratory) took research on the UAV positioning The final use of UAV application is outdoors. In the case of outdoor use, the most commonly used positioning methods at present are GPS and Beidou positioning. However, due to the weather and the unfixed star position, it takes a lot of time and labor cost to conduct the positioning experiment of the UAV in the outdoor, and the result is very low. Therefore, the teacher of northwest industrial UAV laboratory began to try to conduct the positioning research in the indoor.

The teacher of northwest industrial UAV laboratory selected our NOKOV optical 3D motion capture system as the indoor positioning system after multiple inspections.

At the beginning of the trial, northwestern polytechnical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) laboratory used our unique machine system to conduct preliminary experimental, a standard trial system of 8 Mars2H lenses was set up with tripod in the space of the 8 * 8, through the preliminary experimental trial machine, northwestern polytechnical drones laboratory teachers completed orientation early validation and platform construction. The diagram below.

After the formal purchase of our system, they reconfigured the laboratory, and position the new 8 lenses at a height of 4m or so. The entire NOKOV optical 3D motion capture system acquired the UAV's position and attitude information in the air through capture the position of markers, and establish corresponding rigid body in the dynamic capture software. This information is transmitted to the feedback system independently developed by northwest industrial UAV laboratory through the SDK port, and then the system feed real-time data back to the as to form a closed-loop positioning data, realize the real-time, high precision positioning of transmission, At the same time, low delay data processing and transmission ensure the timeliness and reliability of data. Through this system, the laboratory has realized the UAV accurate hover, accurate orbit, ensuring accurate positioning feedback.

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