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24 × Mars 2H Mocap Camera

In June 2020, the Cultural and Creative School of Cultural and Creative Industry College and Beijing Metrology Technology Co., Ltd. - Metrics CG Creative and Technology Laboratory began to formally operate.

The laboratory adopts the NOKOV motion capture system as the hardware configuration of the experimental area. The area of CG Creative and Technology Labs is about 100 square meters, and the research direction includes AI animation, character animation, creative writing, virtual production, film and TV demo, film, animation, and game development, etc. Mainly through intelligent engine technology to assist artist realize creative idea, and build an intelligent system of animation, to enhance the efficiency, quality of CG animation production.

There are two key technologies in CG animation production: action capture and hardware rendering, the effects of both will largely affect the efficiency and quality of animation production. In order to achieve the best research results, Shanghai Jiaotong University Laboratory chose NOKOV MoCap to equip the laboratory with a professional motion capture system. NOKOV MoCap provides high-precision, low-latency motion capture data for animation research, establish a sub-category database in the cloud, form a systematic artificial intelligence animation production software, and jointly carry out various researches on CG animation action data and artificial intelligence.

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