Case Studies
Collaborative electric power inspection system
China electric power research institute
12 Mars 1.3h motion capture shots

In recent years, China has been continuously increasing the power construction, and the total amount of power equipment has been growing rapidly. Many overhead pylons erected in remote mountainous areas are difficult and costly to inspect. In order to improve the efficiency and frequency of inspection, reduce the danger of inspectors, and improve the intelligence of inspection of power system, China electric power research institute independently developed the Bianyun collaborative electric power inspection system. The system is based on 3D reconstruction, autonomous navigation and control technology, and intelligent labeling technology of human-robot interaction. It realizes a series of processes such as intelligent inspection, automatic obstacle avoidance, recording of defects of power equipment, uploading to the console and recording of the whole process after one-key takeoff of the UAV.

The premise of the Bianyun collaborative electric power inspection system is to complete the route simulation and visual training of the UAV in the laboratory environment, and the training of the simulated route of the UAV requires the positioning system to provide the precise position data of the UAV in the air. Compared with many existing positioning systems, due to the advantages of high precision and low delay in optical positioning, the NOKOV optical 3D motion capture system was finally selected by China electric power research institute as the positioning system in the experimental stage.

NOKOV's engineers went to the institute's laboratory to conduct field surveys,and checked with electric power research institute, by 12 NOKOV Mars1.3 H high-definition motion-capture scenes, in 8 m x 8 m, 2.3 m high set up under the experimental environment of the whole experiment need of motion capture positioning system, and as the foundation of the whole motion capture positioning system to do the calibration and related parameters Settings. During the test, the UAV needs to conduct orbit flight training around the simulated pylon and hover photo training. NOKOV optical 3D motion capture system capture paste on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) reflective marker location information, and then send data back to the host, calculate the rigid body information of UAV in the motion capture software—Seeker. through the UDP communication protocol, the SDK broadcast provides accurate real-time position information for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight control system, the flight control system through internal algorithm completed trajectory calculation will send location information back to the UAV fuselage on the wireless control module, and then realize the control of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on scheduled flight path unmanned, adaptive flight, and complete the random hover.

On account of the precise control system, the autonomous navigation control of the whole system can complete the route planning of the UAV, the autonomous conduct of flight obstacle avoidance, hover shooting, and realize intelligent inspection operations such as one-key takeoff, one-key inspection and landing advice.

The world is witnessing an unprecedented energy and digital revolution, and green, smart and internet-based technologies are the common themes of these changes. Artificial intelligence is a strategic key technology leading to a revolution. It has the "head goose effect" with strong spillover driving force, and can effectively promote the construction of ubiquitous electric power Internet of things. It will co-exist with the "three-stream integration" energy Internet and promote the deep integration of energy revolution and digital revolution.

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