Case Studies
Multi agent cooperative control experimenta l platform
Beijing Institute of Technology
cooperative control, multi-agent, high precision, low latency
E-puck unmanned vehicle, UAV
8 Mars 2H motion capture cameras

With the development of industrial technology, multi-agent system has made great progress in industrial operation, patrol and reconnaissance, disaster relief, environmental exploration, intelligent logistics, intelligent agriculture, and consumer entertainment. The concept of Agent has established a unified research system for autonomous mobile platforms such as unmanned vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned submarine. The cooperative control of multi-agent system is the theoretical basis for the realization of practical tasks and operations of large-scale robotics system.

However, most of the researches on the cooperative formation of multi-intelligences at home and abroad still remain at the level of theory and computer simulation. School of automation, Beijing institute of technology aims to design a set of practical、feasible and reliable Multi - intelligent cooperative control experimental platform which is used to verify the control algorithm of isomorphic and heterogeneous agents in university laboratory, provide experimental support for theoretical results ,and the platform has a strong open sex and abundant secondary development interface ,so it can be the basis of the practice of theory course in colleges and universities.

The whole control platform is mainly composed of three parts: network communication subsystem, multi-agent subsystem and combined positioning subsystem. The network communication and cloud control subsystem are mainly responsible for the communication between agents. The multi-agent subsystem is mainly used to execute the related upper control commands, including the four-rotor UAV and omni-directional mobile robotics. The combined positioning subsystem is a multi-agent combined positioning system with NOKOV optical 3D motion capture system as the main positioning mode and airborne inertial devices as auxiliary components.

The NOKOV optical 3D motion capture system provides high precision, low latency positioning information, so that the entire platform can achieve more accurate operation.

The premise of the entire control platform is accurate positioning, in contrast to most previous platform using UWB positioning technology, Optical motion capture system positioning technology provided by NOKOV is not only high precision, but also can provide real-time low latency, undisturbed indiscriminate positioning data .UAV, UGV can find their own position through it. As teacher Sun Zhongqi said: " Through the optical motion capture system measured by NOKOV, we know where we are and tell each other where we are, so as to realize the communication between the two, and also complete the collaborative interaction."

Through the reflective points of NOKOV optical motion-capture lens pasted on the intelligent body , we can obtain the flight, driving position and attitude information of the combination of UAV and unmanned vehicle in space,and the information broadcast to the network communication system of the control platform through the SDK port of mobile capture software, then the position data is transmitted to the agent through the communication system, make the agents to complete the cooperative movement and interactive cooperation between each other.

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